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Khaw says his placing policies have little to do with all the General Election

GE  housing policies says Khaw

Khaw says his placing policies have little to do with all the general election “In case you’ve been observing what we’ve been doing since I entered MND (Ministry of National Development) more than four years back, we’ve been making alterations almost annually. My goals are very clear – that home ownership is an essential element of the administration of Singapore.” Talking to reporters in the HDB Hub on Monday, he added that he’s focused on particular groups of men and women in turn; the latest measures target mid to higher-income groups, singles as well as house renters, since the Build ...

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Executive Condominium & HDB income ceiling to increased: PM Lee

ndr 2015 pm lee

Executive Condominium & HDB income ceiling to increased: PM Lee Additionally, Special CPF Housing Grant expanded to cover more families with income ceiling that was increased Housing policy changes announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech on Sunday were seen as efforts to enhance home ownership for house renters in addition to the middle- income and classes that were sandwiched, while promoting inclusiveness at the same time. Four changes were announced by Mr Lee. He explained this is always to let more Singaporeans to buy new HDB flats and ECs. This really is also ...

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Chn 8 News and Current Events Khaw Boon Wan 20Oct14 | EC Condo

Khaw Boon Wan 20Oct14 EC Condo

Mr Khaw Boon Wan speaking on Channel 8 News and Current Events – 20 October 2014 Key Messages to take away as follows; 1. Cooling measures to stay. Prices have increased about 55% since 2009 but only dropped 6% so far. Government wants to correct the pricing before reviewing cooling measures. 2. Anytime is a good time to buy as long as you need a house & can afford it. 3. HDB supply to cut 10% this year & about 25% next year. 4. Land sales program to cut down. 5. Therefore over supply is not expected as less land ...

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Price Gap Between New ECs and Private Condos Widens | EC

New ECs versus private condos price gap widening

Price Gap Between New ECs and Private Condos Widens The study conducted by STPRoperty showed that there is a widening gap between the prices of newly launched Executive Condominiums and Private Condo projects. If compared with how it was in 2011, the prices of condo units have increased dramatically. As seen on the study, EC buyers could have saved up to 37.1% on average had they purchased private condo units. This is significantly higher than 2011’s 23.1% difference. This study also showed that ECs might be the better option for prospective buyers for those aspiring sandwiched class who failed to ...

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Here Comes the Right Time to Buy Executive Condo (EC)

Here Comes the Right Time to Buy Executive Condo (EC) Buyers who are interested in buying Executive Condo units are now encouraged to buy.  Experts believe that the coming 18 months will offer buyers with opportunities as supply and new launches will decrease afterwards. During the sideline of My Paper Advance Seminar, SLP International’s Executive Director of Property Consultancy, Mr. Nicholas Mak, stated that he is expecting the sloping down of Executive Condo supplies in the next two years since the government sells less land for this type of projects. He further commented that the coming months shall be considered as ...

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MND refines EC housing scheme – New EC Cooling Measures

MND logo

Refining of EC Housing Scheme by MND – New EC Cooling Measures The Singaporean government recently introduced three ways to refine its Executive Condominium Housing Scheme. On a statement released on Monday, the Ministry of National Development said that three new measures will be implemented. This would then bring the terms of EC development nearly the same as public housing which would sustain the EC market. Reduction of EC Cancellation Fee From 20%, the cancellation fee for this type of property will be reduced to only 5% of the purchase price. This measure intends to help buyers be relieved with ...

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Khaw Hints At Changes to EC Scheme

Khaw Hints At Changes to EC Scheme

Minister Khaw Boon Wan of National Development provides hint that changes in executive condominiums might take place. As he puts it – the current form of EC projects will not stay forever. In a session of Our Singapore Conversation on Thursday, the minister gave emphasis on the “sense of inequality” for the profit EC buyers can obtain from their units. Depending on their incomes, those who are about to obtain their first ECs or build-to-order flats (BTO) will be given grant by the Housing Board. The grant may start from $10,000 to $30,000 for EC buyers. On the other hand, ...

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27Aug13 HDB Cooling Measures

27Aug13 HDB Cooling Measure

27 August 2013 - Cooling Measures. Click to find out more!

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